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4th November 2011

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Specificity Strategy

I love Ramit Sethi and his website - I will teach you to be rich. He focuses on the psychological drivers that impact human behavior. What stands in the way of you earning more/spending less rather than “never buy a latte”-type advice.

As a result his advice is applicable to other areas in life where we want to achieve but are blocked.  From a recent email of his a lesson on how to get focused, I have applied it to my fitness planning.

How to use the Specificity Strategy:  Ask yourself 5 times, “What does that mean?”

- “I want to lose 35 lbs while I’m still 35.” What does that mean?

- “I want to be more active.” What does that mean?

- “I want to burn at least an extra 5000 calories a week.” What does that mean?

- “I want to do 3 Bar Method classes; 5 Extra hours of housework;1 Hour of home activity (like yoga); 2 Extra hour long walks; and 2 Hours of Jogging each week.” What does that mean?

- “I will schedule 3 Bar Method Classes (sat, sun and a weeknight), plan an hour of extra housework/decluttering 5 nights a week topped off with a 20 minute home workout and run/walk during lunch at the office for 50 minutes, 5 days a week.

Hopefully the more specific approach will result in actual action -plus I had to do the math and think it through. I bought a package of classes as well.

The plan should result in more activity, certainly. But it is also stuff that makes me feel good so I’m hoping that will be encouraging. It should also result in a cleaner house.  Indirectly, I expect it to impact my bad habits too. More workouts/cleaning means less regular smoking and drinking.

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