Ravenous in Washington DC

16th April 2014


Photo: City Wildlife Cares For Baby Squirrel With Broken Ankle →

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13th April 2014

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New kind of workout:

  • Compliment 3 things about your body while looking in the mirror
  • Say 5 nice things about your character
  • Name 3 things to work on forgiving yourself for
  • List 3+ things you are good at
  • Name 10 kind things you have done
  • Write down 5 accomplishments you’ve achieved
  • Name 3 areas in which you’ve made progress since this time last year
  • Name 3 fears you’ve overcome in your life
  • Name 3 things that make you a good friend

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13th April 2014

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Between the hyacinth and the lovely diffuser given as a gift from my work at our retreat last week, my apartment smells amazing.

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12th April 2014

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New (to me) stuff

The Trader Joes on 14 th street is incredibly spacious, well stocked and well run. I was in my usual grab and go foggy bottom mode and was out in 10. I think one could actually browse in there.

I just watched 12 Years a Slave and am officially on the Fassbender fan wagon.

Same with Frozen

Spent the last few days at the Salamander resort in Middleburg. Incredible. I can’t wait to go back.

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11th April 2014

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Readers send in photos of cherry blossom magic.

God damn I love this city.

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4th April 2014


The first Southern Rock song       →

Hey Jude by Wilson Pickett

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2nd April 2014

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Just took a lavender bubble bath (lush) while watching valley of the dolls. Body scrub, hair mask. The works.
Bad news: emerged to notice my dishwasher had a burning smell. It may have shorted. This kills me as it is 15 years old and is yet the quietest I have ever heard. So important in a studio.

1st April 2014


Down to my last Edna Taylor rice mix.

Down to my last Edna Taylor rice mix.

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1st April 2014

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Just Can’t

My house is a disaster. I have a physical tomorrow and I did not get my advance blood test. I’m considering not voting today. Not sure what’s up but I’m flailing on the adult stuff at the moment.

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1st April 2014

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27th March 2014

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How to live within your means (Hint: do not make a budget) →


Its the key to getting out of debt (or never getting into it) as well as savings and long term wealth. Here’s how I do it.

  • Split every bill in half. Rent, Cable, Cell, Electricity, Gym.
  • Set up automated bill pay through your bank for each bill (this is better than having to remember to pay…

This is how we do it! I have cut my cc debt by 35% and built a healthy savings and investment cushion since employing this strategy 6 months ago.

25th March 2014

Audio post

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21st March 2014

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Best letter ever.

Best letter ever.

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19th March 2014


Nerdist Podcast: Jared Leto →

While listening this morning I was impressed by:
Jared Leto is a lot smarter than I ever dreamt he would be
Chris Hardwick not mentioning Jordan Catalano. Come to think of it, I don’t think JL got that question much during Oscar season. I’m not sure how anyone resisted.

16th March 2014

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Eavesdropping on Couples

This weekend
Timmy: (yelling 10yrds behind me) it’s a left, Ellen! A left!
Ellen: (on the sidewalk 10 yards ahead, standing exasperated)
Timmy: Turn left!
Ellen: okay Timmy, I’m right here (and clearly you are behind me and there are people between us, also the corner is further away and the only thing on the left is a closed office building.)
Me: Ellen, time to break up with Timmy.

About to get in an elevator, a cute and well dressed couple is looking at themselves in the mirror, we get in elevator.
Guy: makes some mild crack about the party they are going to
Girl: don’t you ever say no to me. You. Don’t. Say. No. To. Me. Ever.

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